Internal Club Information


  • Skill Development
    DAAMUN allows students to foster their public speaking and debate skills as well as their awareness of global events through debating active world issues.

  • Trips
    DAAMUN is one of the only student-led organizations allowed to plan extra-curricular trips at Dubai American Academy. Throughout the six years, our club members have participated at conferences in Vienna, St. Petersburg, Beijing, Paris, and more! You can find images of the conferences we've attended on our media page.

  • CAS Experiences 
    We reward active, dedicated club members CAS experiences they can use for their IB CAS programme. Prerequisites for these experiences will be discussed at club meetings.


  • Leadership
    Our club offers many leadership opportunities every year! Active members can apply to help lead our club, organize our conference or help chairs at regional or international conferences!


  • DAAMUN 2021
    Every year DAAMUN hosts an interschool MUN conference. This year we are expanding our conference to be bigger than ever! Learn more about it here