Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our Online Model United Nation's FAQ page!  Here you will find answers to a wide range of questions often asked by delegates and directors.  Didn't find the answer to your question?  Please contact us via the "contact us" section of this website.

When does DAAVMUN take place?

 The conference will take place from August 20th to the 22nd, more information is available under the “​Schedule & Deadlines” page under the “DAAVMUN” tab.

Where does DAAVMUN take place?

DAAVMUN will be taking place on an online platform. More information will be released soon!

Who can attend DAAVMUN?

The conference is open for students between 7th and 12th grade or ages 12-19. Delegates of all skill levels are welcomed!

What is the language of the conference?

The language of this conference will be English only. 

What is the procedure for this conference?

DAAMUN is based on the THIMUN procedure, please view the “Resources” page to view the delegate’s handbook for more information on the procedure. 

What are the committees and topics of DAAVMUN?

The committees and topics of DAAMUN can be found under the “Committees & Topics” page under the “DAAVMUN 2020” tab. 

Can I apply for a position as a committee chair? 

Unfortunately as of July 17th, we are no longer accepting student officer applications. If you were unable to apply please consider signing up as a delegate instead. We will be opening up student officer applications for our 2021 regional DAAMUN conference in the coming months. Follow us on Instagram (@daa.mun) or facebook (@DAAMUN) for updates!

Where are the topic reports? 

The topic reports can be found by clicking the “Topic Reports” button for each respective committee on the “Committees & Topics” page under the “Conference” tab. Please note: Topic reports will only be released on August 1st.

Do MUN directors and chaperones need to be on campus at all times during the conference? (Not Applicable for Online Conferences)

Yes, school delegations require at least one responsible adult chaperon from the school to be present for the duration of the conference. 

Are there meals provided at the conference? 
(Not Applicable for Online Conferences)

 There will be catering and refreshments provided at DAAMUN. If you have any dietary restrictions please notify our team via the form sent to you or through the "Contact Us" section. 

What room is my committee held at? (Not Applicable for Online Conferences)

The rooms of each committee will be posted under the “Venue” page under the “Conference” tab.

What do I need to prepare for the conference?

Delegates, please ensure you understand the topics of your committee as well as your country’s policy and stance. A country report is optional but is highly recommended especially for newer delegates, please have one position paper per topic, positions papers are required for delegates who wish to win “Best Delegate”. Prior to the conference please have clauses ready, there will be lobbying time to write resolutions and clauses but please have some prepared prior hand to ensure maximum debate time for each topic. 

What is the dress code for this conference? 

All chairs and delegates are expected to wear formal, business-like attire for the duration of the conference. Participants must remain respectful of the culture of the UAE. Male delegates are required to have a blazer and tie or equivalent, and female delegates are to be dressed equally formally.

What are the awards?

Each committee will present one Best Delegate Award to a worthy delegate who has stood out in terms of their performance over the duration of the conference. Honourable mentions will also be presented. These will be decided collectively by the chairs of each committee. Awards for the best-written position paper may also be available. Participation certificates will be awarded to all delegates who meet certain criteria mentioned in the conferences' terms & conditions. 

What are the fees for this conference and how can I pay?

The DAAVMUN will be entirely free of charge.