Leadership Team

DAAMUN is organized and led by a team of passionate High School Students at Gems Dubai American Academy.  


Jingyuan Chen


My name is Jingyuan Chen and I am a senior at Dubai American Academy. I am currently the Secretary-General of DAAMUN 2020-2022. This year marks my 5th year in my MUN journey through which I have attended numerous conferences on both regional and international levels as a delegate and chair including serving as an Assistant Director at Harvard's College level WorldMUN.  My time in MUN has taught me many lifelong skills such as diplomacy, public speaking, and organization, skills that I wish to help others develop. As a member of the secretariat at DAAMUN, I wish to help all delegates recognize and achieve their full potential — so that the students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. 
Carlos Rangel

Deputy Secretary-General

I’m Carlos Rangel, a Junior, and the Deputy Secretary General for DAAMUN 2020-2022. I have done MUN for 2 years and attended 5-6 MUN conferences, the biggest one being SPIMUN. Once I commit to something, I see it through. This year, I have committed to help prospective delegates learn the ropes of MUN. However, my goal is to make MUN more approachable to beginners and more enjoyable for veterans. MUN doesn’t have to be all about the rigid procedures and perfect clauses whilst maintaining perfect decorum while speaking, especially not at first. I plan on the attendees to have fun, or at least not dislike their preparation for conferences both domestic and abroad.


Executive Team

Lea Assaad

Director of Event Management

My name is Lea Assaad and I am currently a 10th grader at DAA. The 2020-2021 academic year will mark my second year as being part of the team as Director of Event Management and I can already say it's an honour to be a part of it. This opportunity has allowed me to enhance my debating, leadership, communication and writing skills. In addition, being a part of this team is like being a part of a family. We have been able to get to know each other and grow together as a team, allowing our similarities and differences to shine. I started out as a delegate in the eighth grade and I’ve been passionate about MUN ever since. I have attended many MUN conferences and won awards such as “Best Delegate” in my MUNoV experience. I’m looking forward to heading the event management team as I have always been passionate about taking part in organizational activities. 
Saeed Khoory


My name is Saeed and I am this year's deputy head of finance. This is my 2nd year of DAAMUN since I joined in my freshman year. I’ve attended a handful of conferences, one being MUNoV and was hoping to interact more in MUN which is why I’ve decided to help organize this conference. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and will do everything in my power to make sure every one of you will have a fun conference. We hope to give you an experience like no other conference.

Faculty Advisor

Steven Johanson

Faculty Advisory Director